What kind of underwear is comfortable to wear in winter

2019-11-28  2494

Winter underwear is basically changed every two days, and a bath is taken almost every two days. In winter, the skin itself is much dry. How much hydrating mask is used up in winter. Dry skin ca n’t be bathed often, and do n’t use bath often. Milk and other products, this will make the skin drier, not taking the bath in winter, then changing underwear only once every two days.

What do you choose when wearing underwear in winter? If you encounter slippery shoulders in winter, it ’s really embarrassing. You wear layers after layers. If you want to take off the shoulder straps, you ca n’t do it. Unless you have to go to the toilet, you can go in layers. Go in to find the slipping shoulder strap.

Underwear is suitable for winter. The selection of shoulder straps is also very important. Although you can't see the slippery shoulders in winter, it is also very embarrassing. After slipping the shoulders, you will feel insecure when wearing them. Style matching, wide shoulder straps can also be a reflection of refinement.

Let's start with a light blue underwear style. The lace fabric is decorated. The lace has a sexy effect and the color is very refreshing. Is this wide shoulder strap very foreign? I don't think the wide shoulder strap will feel old-fashioned at all, it must not be missed.

The same wide shoulder strap shape, but the difference is the color decoration, girls will not miss the light pink underwear, the light pink shape reflects, let's try it together.

Wide shoulder straps can be a combination of two shoulder straps. This spliced reception is very suitable for young women to wear, has a sense of vitality, and has a stylish shape. Girls can come and try. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of winter, wearing such a strap in spring and summer, even if it is exposed, it is very attractive.