Why do underwear straps always slip?

2019-11-28  3128

I believe that many girls think that the most annoying thing in wearing is probably the slip of the underwear shoulder strap. If you wear sleeveless clothes in the summer, the scene ... it's embarrassing to think about it.

In fact, the shoulder strap of the underwear often slips down with these 4 reasons, as long as the right medicine can solve the problem.

First, the underwear is getting old

The general life of underwear is 6 months. As the wearing time of underwear becomes longer, the fabric wears down, the elasticity of underwear will weaken, the shoulder strap will naturally loosen, and the shoulder strap will slip off frequently during wearing.

If you notice obvious slack in your underwear, you should change your underwear

Incorrect methods of drying underwear will also affect the life of underwear. Do not hang the shoulder straps of the underwear directly on the hangers when drying, because the cups that have just been washed will become heavy after absorption. If you dry them in this way, the elasticity of the shoulder straps will deteriorate.

2, the bottom circumference is too large

The bottom of the garment is too large, and the shoulder strap will fall if it does not fit the body. The bottom circumference is large. Whenever you move your body or raise your arms, the underwear will move up with the movement of the body. As soon as the shoulder strap is free, it will fall off naturally.

So when buying underwear, we must measure the upper and lower circumferences of the chest with a tape measure to avoid over-buying.

Three, shoulder type problem

Each of us has different shoulder shapes, and different shoulder shapes are also an important reason for the decline of the underwear shoulder strap.

Our shoulders are divided into four types: wide shoulders, flat shoulders, slippery shoulders, and narrow shoulders. Among them, slippery shoulders and narrow shoulders are the most prone to slipping shoulder straps.

If it is a slippery shoulder, when you wear underwear with ordinary straps, there is basically no shoulder strap to hang, you can choose a cross strap, it is just too suitable for shoulder slippers.

4. Poor elasticity of shoulder strap

The poor elasticity of the shoulder strap also causes the shoulder strap to slip off, which is also very understandable. In my daily life, it is inevitable that my arms will rise and fall. If the elasticity of the shoulder strap is poor, the contact surface between it and the shoulder will be unstable and there will be gaps. At this time, the shoulder strap will inevitably hang.