Tips for cleaning and maintaining underwear

2019-11-28  3141

I said that underwear is the second skin of a woman,

The maintenance of underwear is as important as the maintenance of facial skin.

Let's take a look at how to maintain underwear today?


1. Hook the back hook of the underwear before cleaning, so as not to hook the back to the fabric during the cleaning process.

2. Choose to wash by hand as much as possible, and control the water temperature between 30 ℃ -40 ℃ to prevent the softness of the underwear from being damaged.

3. Use a special underwear detergent. After dissolving the detergent, submerge the underwear into the water, soak for a while and wash.

4. Rinse the detergent when washing, do not use fabric softener, so as not to damage the elastic fibers of underwear.

5. The zipper part must be pulled up: the full-body corset with a zipper, the zipper must be pulled up when cleaning, and the bust of the shoulder strap (that is, a bust without a strap) is best Remove the tape and clean it separately.

6. Underwear placed in the laundry net is limited to half: Because the general underwear is made of soft and delicate materials, when washing, put it in the laundry net according to the label instructions, but you must pay attention to the net Underwear must be limited to half of the laundry net.

7. At least two laundry nets should be used separately: the purpose is to separate clothes with metal or soft laps and clothes without soft laps to avoid damaging other clothes. In case of deformation of the soft ring, carefully return the original shape with your hands. Do not forcefully force it to return to the original shape. The main point is to slowly restore the original shape.


1. Never put underwear in a washing machine to dehydrate, it will make underwear "dead" quickly.

2. Do not twist or squeeze with force. Put the underwear on a dry towel and press gently to let the towel absorb its moisture.

3. Choose a cool and ventilated place for drying underwear. Do not expose it directly to the sun to avoid discoloration or deformation.

4. When hanging the underwear, choose the middle point between the cup and the cup. Do not hang the shoulder strap directly to prevent the shoulder strap from being stretched.


1. Make sure that the underwear has been completely dried to prevent the un-dried underwear from breeding bacteria in a cool environment.

2. Be sure to keep away from insect repellent and other items during storage to avoid fabric damage and underwear deformation.

3. Underwear storage should have independent underwear storage space to prevent deformation of underwear due to transitional compression.

The first is more general, that is, the bras are arranged from small to large according to the size of the cups (the cups are standing at the bottom of the drawer). This method not only saves space, but also has moderate support between the cups and will not deform . Neat arrangement is a very fulfilling thing. When we open the drawer in the morning, we can easily pick the bra we like without having to flip around.

The second method: it has some limitations and is only suitable for bras with narrow lower edges. The method is to screw one cup to coincide with the other cup, and it is OK. If you have a lot of these bras, you can use this method, so that a pair of pairs are arranged in the drawer, which saves space!

5. When storing underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothing, and do not forget to put in a dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, let me tell you a little recipe: Drop a few drops of perfume on a small piece of cloth, or put the remaining perfume bottle into the cabinet, one can repel insects, and the other can make clothes full of a faint perfume.