Small details reflect big problems. It's time to change your underwear.

2019-11-28  1045

Underwear is worn for a long time every day, which can help us stabilize the breast shape and protect the breast. But how to judge whether the "shelf life" of underwear has passed? Today Xiaoxia will give you the knowledge of popular underwear! If the following situations occur, then your underwear should be lost ~

The bottom of the underwear becomes loose

The bottom of the underwear itself is also flexible, mainly responsible for providing support for the chest. However, like the shoulder strap, the bottom circumference will gradually lose its elasticity after a long period of wearing and changing, or incorrect cleaning and maintenance methods. If you feel that the bottom is loose when you buckle to the bottom, raising your hands will cause the entire underwear to move up, indicating that this underwear should also be replaced!

Underwear steel ring deformation

When your underwear rim has obvious discomfort when wearing it, you need to check whether the underwear rim is deformed. If there is obvious deformation of the underwear steel ring, this underwear should be quickly eliminated! However, if the naked eye cannot directly judge, the underwear can be tiled on the table. If the steel ring is partially lifted off the table, it indicates that the steel ring has been deformed.

Underwear cup deformation

In general, if the cup surface of the cup underwear shows visible folds and dents, and the cover surface appears loose and loose, the chest cannot be supported after wearing, indicating that the cup material has been damaged and deformed. The main function of underwear on the chest is to lift the support. If the cup is deformed, the support effect will be greatly reduced!

Aging of underwear fabrics

In addition to the deformation of the cover, the aging of underwear fabrics is also an important signal of elimination. After washing the underwear fabric many times, especially the lining of the cup, it will age and harden, pilling and discoloration, and yellow mold.

As for underwear, although it is generally believed that underwear should be replaced once every six months, this time is not fixed.

When the following situations occur, it is time to change!

1 Poor elasticity and deformation

2 There are stains on the panties, and they cannot be washed off

3 The upper body is stuffy, and the breathability and moisture absorption of the fabric become poor

Underwear is the fabric closest to the skin, so we must always pay attention to its aging and change it in time to better protect the skin ~